Every year Examinations are periodically held with 3 Unit Tests, the Half-yearly as well as the Annual Examinations for the students up to IV Standard and 3 Unit Tests with Project Work & Internal Assessment as well as the Half Yearly & Annual Examinations for the students from Standard V- Standard IX.


Students are promoted to the next upper class as per the following norms. No failed students are retained in the same class for more than two years and no request from any guardian for promotion of a failed candidate is entertained.


Guardians will have to comply if the Sikshayatan Authority requests any guardian to withdraw his/her ward from the School for any reason (which may or may not be disclosed) at any time of the year.

Guardians intending to withdraw their wards from the school, will have to apply to the Headmaster with the requisite fees of three full Calendar month before.

Tuition Fees for any current month is to be paid on Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 8:00a.m. and 10:30 a.m.. A defaulter will be fined Rs. 25 per month. In case of arrears for more than two months the pupil’s name shall be struck off the Roll Register.

Promotion chart ( Class V to XI)

ClassEach Subject Under Group AEach Subject Under Group B
V & VI50%40%
VII & XI55%40%

Fees & Session Charges

ClassTuition Fees (Per Month) (Rs.)Computer Fees (Per Month) (Rs.)Admission Fees (Per Month) (Rs.)
Cl.-V & Cl. – VI825100825
Cl.- VII & Cl.-VIII925100925
Cl.-IX & Cl. – X1025 1025



We have a well-equipped library with updated/current Magazines, Journals, Newsletters as well as good number of Reference Books, Text Books and Story Books. In future we are going to possess a more furnished library.


Computer education, which has now become very important in educational institutions, is imparted to the students of Standard – I to Standard VIII by expert teachers with the help of sufficient number of modern Computer sets.


The institution has a well-equipped laboratory comprising 3 sections, I.e. lab. For Geography, Life Science and Physical Science with essential apparatuses and facilities of practical sessions/classes / discourses.


Every year an Exhibition with more than a hundred models on different subjects which earn lots of acclamation from viewers, is held within the Mission Asram Campus to kindle enthusiasm, in tense love for Science, Geography, History and Environmental Studies etc..