Social upliftment, rehabilitation of the poor and the blind, spiritual awakening are the focus of our Asram. Towards this we have been carrying out several services and constantly strive to provide the best facility to our beneficiaries.


Our schools are located in a spacious area housing about 1700 inmates with separate block for boys and girls.  Being residential school, utmost care is taken to provide basic amenities like housing, canteen, classrooms, playground, cultural arena, training centres, library and visual room.


We also ensure safety of our inmates both students and faculty and our relentless volunteers strive hard to ensure everything in place.

Our training centres cater the needs of the inmates with spacious training rooms dedicated for various crafts and arts.  The interest of each student is identified and inducted in the appropriate training enabling them to showcase their talents and convert their interests into saleable products.  This helps them attain self confidence in life and earn a living.

Education without Spirituality is of no use.  Understanding this principle thoroughly, we have calm and neat temples where not only the inmates, but also the general public visit regularly.  We provide a spiritual ambience for the visitors to spend their time leisurely and peacefully with the only idea of ensuring mental calmness and right thoughts to them when they leave the place.

Our Schools and Training Colleges are equipped with more than 250 braille books helping the students to expand the horizon of knowledge.  The libraries are spacious in a calm ambience.