Brahmachari Vaktichaitanyaji
(Dada/Chitta Bhai)

Vivekananda Mission Asram

Our Respectful Homage
The Worshiper of the message "Serve God in
Man", an architect who set up Temples of
Learning and Meditation, touched thousands
of lives and sowed the seeds for generations
to come in his auspicious birthday
Celebration, observed on February 08.

Introduction :

A group of selfless, dedicated missionaries in course of their services for the suffering humanity in a remote village of a Scheduled Caste Constituency of Purba Medinipur district observed that there was no trace of education for the sightless in rural Bengal. Only three Schools for the Sightless were there in the state then in the big city like Kolkata. One day those missionaries during their discourses got stuck by the lesson of the great Swami – Vivekananda to materialize his message. Hence in the rural areas of West Bengal the First School for the Visually Handicapped slowly proceeded to come into existence and appeared in reality on 1st May, 1978 with only 4 boys and 1 girl with the approval of Govt. of West Bengal.

                      With a view to developing human resources irrespective of caste and creed the “Man – making philosophy” of Swamiji- the living exponent of the teachings of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Dev and Sri Sri Ma Saradamoni Devi, is followed here.The School for the Blind is an important link in the chain of educational institutions for the normal run by the Vivekananda Mission Asram at Viveknagar.

Objectives :

i) To promote education for the Visually Handicapped.

ii) To manifest the perfection of endowments and to develop rehabilitation possibilities of the Visually Handicapped.

iii)To help them to stand on their own feet.

iv) To develop Human Resources.

v) To impart Vocational Training in different trades with a view to making the Visually Handicapped an earning member of the family and a useful citizen of our country.

vi) To propagate awareness relating to the education and rehabilitation of the disabled exclusively for the Visually impaired in the general Mass.

vii)To help the Visually disabled person to live a better and dignified life in the society.

viii) To show them a new road not leading to begging destiny.

Status :

i) Sponsored by the Mass Education Extension Deptt., Govt. of West Bengal : 669-Edn (SE) dt. 27.12.84.

ii) Recognized by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education : Index No. V3 – 258.

iii) Recognised by West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education : INSTITUTION CODE (H.S.) :105535

iv) Registered under Persons with Disabilities Act 1995: No. 93 – Com (04 – 05) dt. 23.04.2004 – with regular renewal.

Type : Residential & Co-educational.

Levels :

(i) School –

                   (a) Pre-Primary
                   (b) Primary
                   (c) Secondary
                   (d) Higher Secondary

(ii)  Vocational Training Centre;

Sanctioned Intake Capacity :

(i) Pre-Primary & Primary Sec.         : 65

(ii) Jr. High & High Sec.                      : 85

(iii)  Higher Secondary Sec.                : 30

(iv) Vocational Trng. Centre               : 20

Admission Criteria :

(a) Age–   Pre-Primary & Primary  : 6 – 10 yrs.

Secondary                                        : 10 – 14 yrs.

Higher Secondary                            : 15 – 20 yrs.

Vocational Training Centre              : 15 – 25 yrs.

Before 6 yrs of age of the child, counseling services are readily available on contact.

(b) Visual acuity :

(i) No Light perception in the better eye.

(ii) Loss of Visual Acuity more than 50%.

Documents needed for Admission :

Photocopies (xerox) to be submitted along with the pre  scribed Admission Form available from the School office :

(i) Handicapped Certificate & Identity Card issued from the competent authority.

(ii) Birth Certificate of the candidate.

(iii) Ration Card of the candidate & parents.

(iv) Parents’ Resident cum Income Certificate (Original)

(v) Category Certificate in case of Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes & Other Backward Community.

(vi) Adhar Card of the candidate & the parents.

(vi) Written Case History of the candidate as regards the Visual Impairment.

(vii) Bust coloured photo of the students – 5 copies.

Commencement of the Session :

                Pre. to X               :               January

                XI & XII                 :               June & May respectively

                V.T.C.                    :               January

Class Hour :  

It is a Morning School round the year.

Morning    :   6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – all classes.

Special classes are arranged conveniently during holidays and as per accommodation needed in the regular activities.

Student Sanctioned Strength  : 200; Enrolled : 164;